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It’s that time of the year, JavaOne 2013 is underway!

So far I’ve seen a lot of exciting progress with Java FX. They have incorporated a printing API with the upcoming JavaFX 8 (versioning is now in synch with the JDK with which it ships). That version will also use a new default theme – Modena. 3D support has also been added (with the core Prism rendering engine using underlying OpenGL or Direct3D engines when the video card is supported).

One of the biggest language changes in the upcoming Java 8, is the addition of lambda expressions – passable code blocks. There are many sessions oriented to this topic, although I haven’t yet had the chance to attend one. I did catch a session discussing the JSR 310 new date/time API, and found it really we’ll thought out and it looks easy and intuitive to use.

We’re just getting started at the conference, but there seems to be a lot of continued excitement and enthusiasm around the platform.